Aluminium Die Casting Parts

CZC Industrial is specialized in providing you with aluminium die casting parts. The aluminium die casting parts process is based on rapid production and can produce large quantities of die castings very quickly and more cost-effectively than other casting processes.

Aluminium castings are available in a variety of surface finish options. Dimensional stability is another great advantage of the aluminium die casting process. Plus, they’re so versatile they can be used in almost any industry.

Aluminium Die Casting Parts

● Finished surface finish is excellent
● Good tensile strength
● Low-cost raw materials
● Reduce porosity and impurities
● Robust molecular structure ensures dimensional tolerances and no microcracks
● Thickness accuracy (up to less than 1.5 thickness)
● Air tightness and pressure
● Longevity
● Wide selection of alloys with various chemical and mechanical properties
● Parts with very complex designs can be produced

Aluminium Die Casting Parts Features:
1. Compressed gas is used as power (it can be inert gas or air);

2. The molten metal flows from the bottom to the top of the riser pipe from the closed container to fill the cavity;

3. Under the action of pressure, the metal liquid is cooled, crystallized and solidified from top to bottom, and the metal liquid is continuously replenished during the solidification process;

4. The whole process is controllable (including pressure, time, speed, temperature).

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