Aluminum Die Casting Parts

Aluminum Die Casting Parts Description:

The aluminum die casting parts process is based on rapid production and can produce large quantities of die castings very quickly and more cost-effectively than other casting processes.


The process begins with a melting furnace which melts the metal alloys and brings them to the casting temperature. For example, aluminum has a casting temperature of 710-7200C.
The molten metal will then go to a holding furnace below the mold, which functions as a container while maintaining the liquid at the casting temperature.
Low pressure forces the molten metal through a riser tube into the mold. The liquid metal moves under constant pressure until the molten metal solidifies in the die cavity.
On solidification, the pressure is released, and the remaining molten metal goes back through the riser tube to the holding furnace for recycling. Finally, the casting will be easily removed once the mold is cooled.

Aluminum Die Casting Parts Features:

1. Compressed gas is used as power (it can be inert gas or air);
2. The molten metal flows from the bottom to the top of the riser pipe from the closed container to fill the cavity;
3. Under the action of pressure, the metal liquid is cooled, crystallized and solidified from top to bottom, and the metal liquid is continuously replenished during the solidification process;
4. The whole process is controllable (including pressure, time, speed, temperature)

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