Automotive Aluminum Die Casting Parts

Automotive Aluminum Die Casting Parts Description:

The automotive aluminum die casting parts process is based on rapid production, which can produce a large number of die castings very quickly and is more cost-effective than other casting processes.
Low-pressure casting is a method of filling the cavity with liquid metal under pressure to form a casting. Because of the low pressure used, it is called low-pressure casting.


Low-pressure casting is currently mainly used to produce aluminum alloys with high quality requirements. Magnesium alloy castings and thin-walled castings with complex shapes can also be used for larger castings such as ductile iron and copper alloys.

Automotive Aluminum Die Casting Parts Features:

1. Compressed gas is used as power (it can be inert gas or air);
2. The molten metal flows from the bottom to the top of the riser pipe from the closed container to fill the cavity;
3. Under the action of pressure, the metal liquid is cooled, crystallized and solidified from top to bottom, and the metal liquid is continuously replenished during the solidification process;
4. The whole process is controllable (including pressure, time, speed, temperature)

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