Automotive Aluminum Die Casting

Automotive Aluminum Die Casting Description:

During automotive aluminum die casting, molten metal is injected into two parts (molds) of a shape, which stick together. The metal is injected under high pressure. After cooling, the two parts of the mold are loosened and the parts are removed. Because the same mold is used over and over again, every part looks exactly the same. The process of designing the mold is the only technically difficult part of the operation. Many factors must be considered to ensure that no air is trapped in the molten metal when the injection is made, and draft angles must be calculated to allow the part to eject easily. This process is used in almost every industry in the world and it is impossible not to be surrounded by items manufactured through the die casting process these days.


Automotive Aluminum Die Casting Application:

● Engine Parts Aluminum Die Casting
Almost every part of the engine is manufactured by die casting. For example, the cylinder heads on the engine are made by die casting. Furthermore, almost all parts on the gas engine are made entirely of die-cast parts. Generally, the alloy used in these processes is aluminum.
● Stator Aluminum Die Casting
The stator is also generally made of die-cast aluminum. There are many variations in the size of the stator. This is why using die casting is an excellent method, as it makes it possible to manufacture mechanical parts of different sizes with the highest precision every time.

● Bracket Aluminum Die Casting
The bracket is also made through a die-casting process. The bracket is used for the electrical part of the motor. Additionally, stepper motors use die-cast brackets, which are usually manufactured to the customer’s specifications.
● Electronic housing die-cast aluminum
Electronic housings are used in many parts of a car. For example, you’ll see them on gearboxes, curtain rods, motors, and stepper motors. These are just a few examples of the use of electronic enclosures through the die casting process.
● Aluminum die castings for other auto parts
There are many other parts in the automotive industry that are manufactured by die casting methods. For example, radiators and car forks are made by die casting. In fact, there are very few parts in a car that are not manufactured by die casting.

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