Battery Housing Aluminum Casting

Battery housing aluminum casting is a widely used battery protection material. Electric vehicle battery housing aluminum casting uses aluminum alloy as the main material. This material has a low density, which can achieve lightweight battery housings and help improve the energy density of batteries.

Aluminum alloy materials have good high-temperature corrosion resistance, good heat transfer and electrical conductivity, and can effectively cope with the heat and current changes generated during battery operation. Aluminum housing casting also have the characteristics of strong plasticity and good productivity, which are suitable for various production needs.


Performance Advantages of Electric Vehicle Battery housings Aluminum Castings:
● Lightweight: The density of aluminum alloy materials is relatively low, so the battery housings made of it is relatively light, which helps to improve the overall performance of the battery.
● Corrosion resistance: The aluminum housings has strong resistance to corrosive substances such as electrolytes, and can protect the internal components of the battery from damage.
● Good electrical and thermal conductivity: Aluminum has good electrical and thermal conductivity, which can ensure the stability of the current inside the battery and the rapid dissipation of heat.
● High strength: Aluminum die castings have high strength and rigidity, and can resist certain external pressure and deformation.

Battery housing aluminum die castings are widely used in lithium batteries, power batteries and other fields, especially in new energy vehicles, electric bicycles and other industries.

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