Energy Storage Tray Aluminum Die Casting

Energy storage tray aluminum die castings are important components used to store and support battery packs in new energy vehicles, energy storage power stations and other fields.

Aluminum die castings for energy storage trays are mainly made of aluminum alloy materials, which are widely used due to their excellent physical properties and machinability.
The specific composition may include silicon, iron, copper, zinc, manganese, chromium, magnesium, zirconium, titanium, strontium, vanadium and rare earth elements. The precise ratio of these elements can ensure that the aluminum alloy has specific mechanical properties and chemical stability.

Manufacturing Process of Energy Storage Tray Aluminum Casting:

The manufacturing process of energy storage tray aluminum casting is mainly completed by die casting, which is a casting method in which molten metal is pressed into a mold to form the desired shape.
During the manufacturing process, chemical surface treatment technology and heat treatment technology are also required to improve its physical properties and corrosion resistance.

Energy Storage Tray Aluminum Die Casting

Structural Types of Aluminum Die-castings for Energy Storage Pallets:

The structural types of aluminum die-castings for energy storage pallets are diverse, mainly including die-cast aluminum pallets, extruded aluminum alloy frames, and aluminum plate splicing and welding pallets.
These structural types have their own characteristics. For example, die-cast aluminum pallets have the advantage of one-time die-casting, which reduces material burns and strength problems; extruded aluminum welding frame structures are more flexible and easy to modify the design and adjust the use of materials.

Advantages of Energy Storage Tray Aluminum Housings:

Energy storage tray aluminum housings have the advantages of high storage density, small size, and long service life, and have been widely used in the energy field.
In the field of new energy vehicles, energy storage tray aluminum die castings are mainly used to store electrical energy and recover braking energy to improve the efficiency of the vehicle power system; in the field of energy storage power stations, they are mainly used to store electrical energy to balance the grid load and improve the stability of the grid.

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