Flywheel Casing Aluminum Casting

Flywheel Casing Aluminum Casting Introduction :

The flywheel casing is a shell-shaped part covering the flywheel and clutch.
Flywheel casing aluminum casting is a type of engine flywheel housing, and its material is mainly aluminum alloy.

Production Process of Flywheel Housing Aluminum Castings:

Aluminum casting is one of the main processes for manufacturing flywheel casing aluminum die castings.
● The mold needs to be placed in the casting machine, and after heating treatment, the molten aluminum alloy is poured into the mold.
● After casting, it needs to be cooled, cleaned, trimmed, etc., and CNC processing technology may be used for finishing to achieve the product’s precision requirements.


Technical Requirements for Flywheel Housing Aluminum Castings:

● The design of the flywheel housing has a certain degree of flexibility and can be adjusted according to the assembly needs of the supporting facilities of the automobile engine.
● In order to ensure the good stability and sealing of the flywheel housing during operation, there are detailed technical requirements for its important surfaces and holes.

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