Gearbox Cover Aluminum Pressure Die Casting

CZC Industrial is a professional aluminum casting automotive parts manufacturer, providing the highest quality aluminum castings to many well-known companies in automotive industry home and abroad.

The gearbox cover aluminum pressure die casting is an important part of the automobile gearbox. Gearbox cover is made of aluminum alloy and has many advantages.

Depending on the pressure applied, there are two types of pressure die casting processes: high pressure die casting and low pressure die casting. By utilizing the aluminum die casting process, we can manufacture almost all aluminum automotive parts such as engine blocks, cylinder heads, pistons, connecting rods, transmission housings, wheel hubs, pump housings, carburetor housings, valve covers, steering housings, clutch housings, ETC..


Technical Features of Low Pressure Aluminum Castings for Gearbox Cover:

● Strong shrinkage compensation capability: Low pressure die casting technology enables castings to obtain denser structures and improves product quality.
● Controllable pouring process: The pouring process parameters of low-pressure casting can be determined according to the different structures of castings and the different materials of castings. It can effectively control the filling speed, reduce the tumbling, impact and splashing of alloy liquid during filling, reduce the formation of oxide inclusions, and reduce casting defects.
● High casting quality: Under the action of low-pressure casting, the metal liquid encounters less resistance during the flow process, is easy to fill the mold, and can obtain high-quality castings.
● High production efficiency: Low-pressure casting has the advantages of simple operation, less machining time, and high production efficiency. It can realize automated operation and reduce the labor intensity of workers.

Gearbox cover aluminum castings are widely used in gearboxes of vehicles such as automobiles and motorcycles. With the development of the automotive industry, the performance and reliability requirements of gearboxes are getting higher and higher, and the application of aluminum alloy materials is becoming more and more extensive. At the same time, with the improvement of environmental awareness, the recyclability of aluminum alloy also makes it an important choice for the automotive industry.

In summary, gearbox cover aluminum castings have the advantages of light weight, good heat dissipation, high strength and stiffness, corrosion resistance, higher manufacturing precision and recyclability, and are an important part of automobile gearboxes. With the development of the automobile industry and the growth of market demand, the market prospects of gearbox cover aluminum pressure die castings are broad.

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