Low-pressure Casting Auto Parts

Low-pressure Casting Auto Parts Description:

For decades, the automotive industry has relied on low-pressure die casting to create strong, high-quality aluminum castings. However, due to its relatively slow casting process, its use is mainly limited to the luxury automotive market. Where low volumes and high costs are expected. Now, however, the automotive industry has managed to find ways to make this method more cost-effective, reducing the casting cycle time by 50%, Making low pressure casting a more economical option than ever before.

Low-pressure Casting Auto Parts

Although low-pressure casting auto parts is a particular choice for automotive components such as engine blocks, wheels, and suspension components, non-automotive industries such as electronics, machine manufacturing, and plumbing components also benefit from its lower tooling costs, high production volumes, and superior metallurgy quality. The excellent electrical and thermal conductivity of cast aluminum makes it ideal for all of these industries.

Features of Low-pressure Die Casting:

This method allows precise control of the filling process. Injecting molten metal in this manner reduces oxide formation and reduces porosity, ensuring excellent top-to-bottom consistency. Low-pressure die casting thus achieves excellent density and strength values as well as excellent dimensional accuracy. While this method works well for simpler, symmetrical forms, more complex geometries can be achieved by using sand cores within the mold. With the advantages of uncomplicated machinery and technology, the low pressure die casting process is very suitable for automation.


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