Low-pressure Die Casting Aluminum Parts

Low-pressure Die Casting Aluminum Parts Description:

Low-pressure die casting aluminum parts uses small pressure, typically around 20-100 kPa (2.9-14.5 psi), instead of gravity to fill a die. Unlike the traditional die casting process, it has a unique setup and uses several pieces of equipment.

Low-pressure casting is currently mainly used to produce aluminum alloys with high quality requirements. Magnesium alloy castings and thin-walled castings with complex shapes can also be used for larger castings such as ductile iron and copper alloys.


Features of Low-pressure Die Casting Aluminum Part:

1. Liquid metal filling is relatively stable.
2. The formability of castings is good, which is conducive to the formation of castings with clear contours and smooth surfaces, and is more beneficial to the forming of large thin-walled castings.
3. The casting has dense structure and high mechanical performance.
4. The working conditions are good; the equipment is simple, and it is easy to realize mechanization and automation, which are also outstanding advantages of low-pressure casting.


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