Gravity Casting

As a leading aluminum foundry, we design and manufacture our own molds. We established a gravity casting production line to enhance our aluminum casting capabilities. Weight range from less than 1kg to 100kg/piece. Our products cover automobile parts, medical device parts, electrical enclosures/casings, hardware tool parts, etc.

We have the capabilities of mold design, processing and assembly, which makes us more flexible and efficient in serving our customers. For some castings with complex geometric shapes, we also have the capability of numerical computer simulation to help us achieve optimal designs. Better designs before volume production helps reduce trial-and-error costs through experimentation and get designs into production faster.


Gravity casting is a typical metal mold casting process in which molten metal is poured into a preheated mold cavity and fills the cavity through the force generated by the earth’s gravity.This process is suitable for small and medium-sized castings with large or small quantities but high quality requirements.


The Advantages of Gravity Casting Process:

Compared with sand casting, gravity cast parts have higher dimensional accuracy, better surface finish, higher production efficiency, and stronger parts when pouring the same metal. In addition, the performance in the air tightness test is also very good. Taking aluminum alloy as an example, after T6 heat treatment, the air tightness of the casting can reach 50kg/cm2.
Compared to high-pressure die casting, gravity die casting is used to produce parts that are heavier, larger, and more complex in structure. Additionally, gravity die casting molds are much cheaper, but the quality of the parts produced by this process is close to that of high pressure die casting parts.

Applications of Gravity Die Casting:

● Automobile parts like engine pistons, blocks, cylinder heads, brake calipers, etc.
● Lighting parts like LED light housings, base materials, etc.
● Kitchen components like spoons, pots, etc.


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