High Pressure Die Casting

High pressure die casting is an extremely efficient manufacturing method for producing various product forms. The process forces molten metal at high speed, and high pressure into a closed steel die cavity. We have 2 die casting machines ranging from 2000 ton to 5000 ton. CZC high pressure die casting products covers automotive parts, medical devices parts, electrical enclosures/housings, lighting fixture parts, heat sinks, hardware tool parts, etc., with the weight ranging from 20G to 20KG.


2000ton High Pressure Die Casting


5000ton High Pressure Die Casting


Advantages of High Pressure Die Casting Process:

High Efficiency – High efficiency is a goal that aluminum casting companies are always striving for. Unfortunately, making molds is very time-consuming. But once the mold is complete, thousands or even millions of identical parts can be efficiently produced with minimal machining because the die-casting process is fully automated in mass production.
High quality – parts produced by the die-casting process have excellent properties such as tight tolerances, smooth surfaces, and good mechanical properties.
Economical – Thousands to millions of castings can be produced using just one mold, something unimaginable with sand casting or gravity die casting. This makes die castings relatively low cost.
This process can be simulated – with the help of simulation software, possible defects in the die casting will be visually presented to the mold designer. This will help designers optimize mold designs, saving time and money.

Disadvantages of High Pressure Die Casting Process:

Long mold manufacturing cycle – Die-casting mold manufacturing cycle is long.
Higher Mold Cost – Die-casting mold costs are higher than other casting processes, which makes the die-casting process suitable only for high-volume production.
Application limitations – The die casting process is only suitable for non-ferrous metals, not ferrous metals.

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CZC low pressure die casting
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